Friday, December 3, 2010

my Christmas wish list

Upon request, ever since freshmen year of high school I've been makin a wish list, because I've been told I'm a hard person to shop for.. So THIS year, to those who keep asking me what I want for Christmas, these are some of the things I would like to get.. Pretty much ANYTHING Lakers or Hello Kitty.. And if you know my swag then it really shouldn't be THAT hard to shop for me. Geez. haha

P.s. Fil, you can get me my iPhone or an iTouch. K thanks! :)

For the Cali people, please send me a text or a facebook message and I will give you my mailing address.

Hat size: 7 1/4
WOMEN size (clothes): large
MEN size (clothes): small
WOMAN size (shoes): 5.5
MEN size (shoes): 4

size: Large

size: Large

size: 7 1/4

size: 7 1/4

size: Large (

MEN size: Small

size: 7 1/4

size: 7 1/4

size: 7 1/4

MEN size: small (

size: 7 1/4 (

MEN size: 4 -- WOMAN size: 5.5

MEN size: 4 -- WOMAN size: 5.5

MEN size: 4 -- WOMAN size: 5.5

MEN size: 4 -- WOMAN size: 5.5

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve. In years before this and last, I would normaly be at my Aunt's house, spending HOURS in the kitchen, sometimes till 3:00 in the morning, helping her prepare for Thanksgiving day. And for us Filipino's we ALL know we don't just do a Thanksgiving dinner... We have breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! And we don't just stay at one house, we go to several.. No joke. Anyways, I really REALLY miss doing all that. But I'm going to try and not to be sad tomorrow.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a day for giving thanks. So I just want to thank God now, and ALWAYS for having blessed me for where I am now. For giving me stregnth to keep going strong. Giving me enough faith & hope to keep believing in myself. And for the Family & Friends he has blessed me with

I am most thankful for my Family. For being able to put up with all my shit. Knowing that i AM hard-headed & stubborn, but they continue support me no matter what.

Also for my FRIENDS. The ones that have been by my side through every type of weather, through war and back, that have been wounded through my faults but they still stand strong next to me... Weather they be my oldest friends, or my friends now... You guys know who you are. Thank you for being there, and always, ALWAYS lending me a helping hand. I appreciate you guys SOOO MUCH!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with such beautiful gifts. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Friday, November 19, 2010


This is some REAL talk, forreal.

People come & go...

Because my dear friend, Caitlin Howland noticed that I haven't been updating my blog.. this post will be dedicated to her :)

So lately I've been in a rut with "Love", it agrees with me, and then it disagrees with me.. weather it be with the person whom i'm absolutly crazy about, or a friend. I understand people come and go in our lives, but they can never really go without an explanation. And even though people leave us... they will always be in thought, and for that reason it's because they've made some kind of impact in our lives, and at one point, they were very important to you. Yet alot of us still don't have answers as to why you drifted apart from one another, and if you ask me, it's heart breaking. I'm a person with a VERY BIG heart. My mom & big brother have always told me that my heart is too big for my own good... But I just believe in being one of those very few people in this cruel world with a good soul. I strongly agree that things do happen for a reason, God makes it that way. Be happy that the friendship happened. Don't dwell on the ending, cause we all know deep down, it never ended. So love & cherish the ones that love you. Don't mind the ones that look down at you, cause they really don't matter. And thank your enemies, cause they're your biggest fans.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


One word, AMAZING

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm back...

I hadn't realized how long it's been since I updated my blog, so here I am, and I'm going to try to update as much as I can. Nothing really new or exciting has happened since the last time I updated.. Or they're just not worth typing about.

Anyways, I'm just doin me. Work, the occasional going out. Just been at home/recording studio lately. A couple of the homies are recording a mixtape... And it's also my first time recording one of my songs as well. It's pretty crazy listening to myself "spit a rhyme". I mean all i ever did were those open mic/slam poetry nights... Never have i thought of actually recording something to a beat, it's pretty cool. Other than that, everything is the same... Life, love, shoes, guys, music, work, alcohol, and weed... Okay, maybe not weed... Just occasionally. If you really know me, you'd be surprised at how much i cut back.

p.s. I miss everyone in Cali.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

TONIGHT is the night!

10 hours left till the midnight showing! a bunch of us are gonna be lined up in a couple hours! along with the other Twilight FANatics! got my ticket for the midnight showing wating for me at the box office! i don't know if i'll be able to last 7 hours waiting in line outside the theaters! hahaha i'm getting to antsy! AAAHHHHHH!!!! i feel like such a youngin again! LOL!